Isn’t it about time that you began to think yourself thin?

There are so many people in the world who are thinking themselves fat when they could think themselves thin, instead, once they see the facts – and themselves – in the right light.There’s the person with the Inferiority Complex – that good old Inferiority Complex that the psychiatrists have been talking about! You’d never think that it would have anything to do with getting fat, but it has a lot to do with it.

Think Yourself ThinHundreds of thousands of people eat too much to compensate for an Inferiority Complex.One of the most prevalent examples of obesity of this type is the unpopular fat girl who doesn’t go places or do things like other girls.Instead, she stays home and eats.Food is her solace, her excuse, her companion.

This girl isn’t unpopular because she’s fat – though that is what she likes to tell herself.She’s fat because she’s unpopular. She’s unpopular because she’s afraid, and has an Inferiority Complex.Let’s start at the beginning.

Perhaps the girl is already slightly fat. Perhaps she comes from a fat-prone family.Maybe she isn’t fat at all, but for some reason, she doesn’t fit in – or thinks she doesn’t. People, she believes, do not like her.Young men do not ask for dates – aren’t attracted to her when they meet her. Instead of learning how to attract men by the good old rules of getting better looking and learning to talk – and learning to flatter men and appear provocative – she turns to food.

Men have the same complex, though it may hit them a bit differently. The fat man with an Inferiority Complex likes to think that he is an introvert and just can’t be bothered with people, when, actually, he longs for popularity. He eats instead of getting out and meeting people.

basketball-784097Some of the eaters, among men, don’t get fat. They all get unpopular – and a lot of them do gain unwanted weight, too. If they followed the same rules, they’d lose, too – and be far happier, fit into their world better, make a place for themselves where they’d be important and popular.

These aren’t the only people who are fat because they eat too much. Certainly not! There are the emotional wrecks.They don’t look like wrecks.They just look round, and even unemotional.You wouldn’t think, looking at them devouring their food, that they are seething inside, dissatisfied, worried, miserable, frightened.Things go wrong – and they eat.They can’t get the things they want in the world, so they turn to food. I know of remarkable cures of worriers who were eaters.

One was a girl who had had an unfortunate love affair. She was miserable, and felt that everyone knew she’d been left practically at the altar.As a matter of fact, not too many people knew – and practically no one cared.

The girl worried herself into becoming a wreck – a fat wreck.She ate constantly – food was her only comfort. She grew fat and ugly – and told herself that the reason no one paid any attention to her was because she was fat.But she kept on worrying and suffering.

Luckily, that wasn’t the end for her. She became ill, and was fortunate enough to consult a physician who was more interested in her mental condition than in her slight physical ailment.He talked to her – got some of the facts.

weight-loss-850601She was willing to try his remedy – went on a diet – started to exercise – and turned to a completely new way of living.In six months she’d thought herself thin.In eight months she had become popular, was having a fine time.Now she’s happily married – and still slender. She thinks a miracle happened to her. She just “came to herself,” faced facts and thought herself thin.

There are dozens of other causes for obesity – but I think you get the idea. If you’re overweight, try to find out why you eat too much – for you may as well take it for granted that you do. Once you find out why you overeat, you’re on the road not only to a better figure but to better health, better adjustment – and a far more interesting and well-balanced life. Isn’t it about time that you began to think yourself thin?