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Discover How to Run Your Very Own WordPress-Based Membership Site by Using A WP Plugin… Starting Today!


The video below will tell you all about this course and what it can do for you so I wont repeat it.

The course shows you how to plan and then set up a membership site. But of course there are many different sorts of membership sites which is why the planning of them is so important.

Indeed this site is a form of membership but it is free to join, there are no monthly fees and no different levels of membership.

Here you join and can always watch every course you have signed up for just by logging in and seeing your dashboard.

But your membership site will be different so this course teaches you every step.

And on the last page you can download the audios of the course and see which plugins will suit you.

So if you are curious as to the HOW and WHY memberships are good then this course will be right for you…So Take The Course!…….but watch the video first


Section 1
Lecture 1Introduction
Lecture 2Product Menu
Lecture 3Membership Map
Lecture 4WP Plugins
Lecture 5Getting Started
Lecture 6Levels
Lecture 7Protection
Lecture 8Completion
Lecture 9Links And Downloads
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