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Discover a Total Guide To Running To Improve Your Fitness, Lose Weight And Increase Mental Strength

The human body evolved to run.

Running not only burns calories, it ís also great for your brain, it releases endorphins and it improves your energy metabolism.

Perhaps most importantly, it strengthens your heart leading to a lower resting pulse and a calmer, more energetic you.

Imagine Waking Up Fresh Each Morning

Imagine waking up first thing in the morning and feeling full of energy after a deep night of restful sleep.

Imagine then looking in the mirror and seeing yourself covered in lean muscle at 8% body fat.

How would that make you feel?

Not only will it make you feel more confident, you’ll also look great, too!

How Do You Get Started?

It doesn’t take much, just a couple of runs a week and the right understanding of human physiology.

Why doesn’t everyone run?

The answer is that too many people don’t know how to get started.

Right now, your body is probably a fraction of what it could be.

If you don’t do any cardio training, then you are probably tired, sluggish and overweight.

Starting with a running regime isn’t easy when that’s your base level!

But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be hard.

This course will explain and show you how to get started. And you can download the book, a cheatsheet,a resource guide, a mindmap and have the audios to each part to listen to as you run!

See below what is covered on this course.

Section 1
Lecture 1Running Is Good For You
Lecture 2The 5 Most Common Newbie Running Mistakes
Lecture 3Running Outside Vs Treadmill
Lecture 4Staying Hydrated While running
Lecture 5Finding The Right Running Shoes
Lecture 6The Right Warm Up Routine
Lecture 7Running Off The Beaten Track
Lecture 85 Ways To Boost Stamina For Longer Runs
Lecture 9Best Diet For Runners
Lecture 10Fitness Trackers Explained
Lecture 11Downloads and Conclusion
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