Guided Meditations-An Audio Course

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Guided meditations course

Do you worry? 

Are you having trouble getting to sleep?

Will your mind just never shut up?

If so you really should try meditation as it will help enormously.

This Course will help those who have read about the benefits of meditation but are not sure how to do it. For those who have been taken through a meditation session already know the incredible effects of being led to happy places in your mind.

Each part has 4 stages where the first two get you ready for the journey of discovery. That is the third part and you finish by being gently brought back .

They are all about 20 minutes in total but you will wish that you could be there longer. The topics are:

  • Healing
  • Get In Touch With The Higher Power
  • Fulfill Your Potential
  • Quiet The Mind
  • Spirituality

And on the last page you can download the mp3’s of each course to enjoy whenever you want together with a transcript.

Section 1
Lecture 1Healing
Lecture 2Higher Power
Lecture 3Potential
Lecture 4Quiet The Mind
Lecture 5Serenity
Lecture 6Downloads And Conclusion
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