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I am sure you know of and have probably used Fiverr at some time.

But have you ever thought about selling on Fiverr what YOU are good at?

Well this course will take you step by step through everything you need to do to start making money. Even though things have moved on in the Fiverr Layout since the videos were created the principles are the same. .

When this course originally came out it was selling at $27 with an upsell of a further $47 to show you how to scale up your activity on Fiverr.

You will see the other course on this site but at the end of this course you will get a coupon code to use that will reduce the price of the of the other course.

Although you can see from the list below what topics are covered here I thought it useful to show you the original Sales Video…Just Click the image and enjoy

Section 1Fiverr Blueprint
Lecture 1Introduction
Lecture 2How To Be Featured By Fiverr
Lecture 3How To Create A Gig
Lecture 4How To Create And Configure Your Fiverr Account
Lecture 5How To Create Gig Extras
Lecture 6How To Generate Traffic To Your Profile
Lecture 7How To Get 5 Star Ratings
Lecture 8How To Identify Hot Selling Gigs
Lecture 9How To Optimise Your Profile
Lecture 10How To Track Your Trends And Sales
Lecture 11Conclusion
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