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More people are using the Internet today than EVER before!

About 70% of the US Population Will Experience Some Form of Cyber Attack This Year, Will You Be One Of Them?

It is not my intention to scare or worry you but this video contains some rather disturbing facts.


Some of the information on this course may be known to you already but do you realise just how vulnerable we all are to spammers and hackers?

Do you get Friend Requests on Facebook from people already on your friends list?

Have you been tempted to open an attachment to an email supposedly sent by a friend?

This course will open your eyes to things that you think will never happen…..but what can you do to make sure?

Look below at the list of things this course covers and know that at the end you will also get the ebook, a mindmap, more reports and a surprise bonus.

So Take the Course now and learn how to be Safe Online

Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Preface
Lecture 2Brief Email History
Section 2Setup Tips
Lecture 3Account Security Intro
Lecture 4Passwords
Lecture 5Account Security Questions
Lecture 6Emergency And Recovery Accounts
Lecture 7Connecting Your Mobile Phone
Lecture 8Monitoring Your Accounts
Section 3Email Protection
Lecture 9Identifying Phishing And Scams
Lecture 10How To Vet Links And Emails
Lecture 11Using Avast To Scan Emails
Lecture 12Checking If An Email Is Safe
Lecture 13Using Filters To Eliminate Spam
Lecture 14Scanning Spam And Trash Folders
Lecture 15Creating An Address Book
Lecture 16Frugality With Sharing Your Email Address
Lecture 17Preventing Your Email From Being Shared
Section 4Protection And Recovery
Lecture 18Protecting Personal Information
Lecture 19Social Media Security
Lecture 20Managing App Access
Lecture 21Routine Security Maintenance
Lecture 22Improving Other Account Security
Lecture 23Dealing With A Disaster
Lecture 24To Sum Up
Lecture 25Conclusion
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