Reduce Your Weight By Thought


Only by combining mind and body in the most sensible and scientific way can you get thin easily and improve your health and appearance at the same time – and once you’ve reached your right weight, stay thin and well.

I’m not a physician or a magician – I can’t cure serious ills – but I can promise you that I can help you reduce your weight by thought, if you’ll follow the thought by prescribed action.

First, an understanding of what I’m trying to tell you.

Second, a visit to your own physician for a thorough check-up and recommendations.

Third, a study of standard food and caloric tables.

Fourth, comparing your usual diet with the tables, to discover how your diet has been wrong.

Fifth, an understanding of how your mind and body work together to help you grow thin and stay thin.

Sixth, the finding of a right diet for you.

Seventh, the finding of right exercises for you.

Eighth, a survey, for you, of the whole situation concerning you and thinking yourself thin.

Of course, on the side, I hope you’ll learn a lot more. But these are the basic things that you must do, if you’re to get and stay slender by utilizing the power of your mind and body.

Recently, a well-know French actress said to me in her delightfully accented English,” I made up my mind to get thin. I said, ‘I will not be fat! I am not fat!’ But I was fat. I weighed over 150 – too much for me. So I say, ‘What would I do if I were not fat?’ I say, ‘Once I am thin, I will be sensible not to be fat again.’ So I do that. I pretend I am already thin. I eat and drink in moderation – what I would eat and drink if I weigh the right amount.

So, I begin to lose – and I keep on thinking how I would live once I got thin – and I live that way, always, all the time. Now I weigh 115 – just right for me – and I will not let myself gain. I keep on thinking I am thin and must not gain a single pound.”

At one time, Elizabeth Arden’s and Helena Rubinstein’s salons in New York, felt the psychological effect of the exercise, diet and make-up of their courses was quite as important as the actual physical help.

Of course, their desire was to sell their expensive cosmetic preparations – but they gave good psychological help as well.hotel_box_3

You were bound to improve your health and appearance if you took their courses and used their cosmetics – for not only would the exercises and diets have real value, but the cosmetics often helped your skin.

More than that, your morale was strengthened. You couldn’t help but feel that all of the luxury and beauty that had been created as a background must be of some help – so it was of some help.

The diet and cosmetics, reduced to simple lists, boxes and jars, couldn’t do as much as a salon visit, with mechanical aids, massage and supervised exercise and make-up. You were charged as much for psycho-logical help as for the actual contributions to your physical well-being – but usually what you were getting was worth what you pay for it.

I’m not trying to reform the human race. Goodness knows, there seems to be enough room for reform, but I’m afraid my tiny candle would be extinguished by the first breeze.

What I’m trying to do is to make those who read this feel and look better, by helping them grow more fit and slender. If I can do that, I shall give a great sigh of relief, and a prayer of happiness. I mean it. I’m serious about this – and I hope you are, too.

To help you discover the RIGHT way for you there is a course on this very topic which you can read about HERE